Case study: Why Panasonic chooses Securika Moscow to meet new CCTV & IP customers

Panasonic is a name that is known worldwide – but did you know the Japanese giant is a regular fixture at Securika Moscow: Russia’s leading international security and fire safety exhibition?

Panasonic’s Russian branch brings with it a comprehensive range of industry-leading solutions to Securika. The brand’s line-up of video surveillance and IP communications solutions is extensive, and well suited to Russian customers’ needs.

Panasonic now holds the third-place position in the Russian IP sector, and is a market bellwether in CCTV technology.

At 2018’s event we spoke with Oleg Ulyanov, Development Manager at Panasonic Russia, to find out the prospects for the Russian security market, what brands need to make it on the Russian market, and how Seucrika Moscow helps the company achieve its business goals.

Making it in Russia’s security market with Panasonic & Securika Moscow

“Securika is the main exhibition in Russia, and it doesn’t have any competitors, so it’s very popular,” Oleg Ulyanov said about Securika Moscow.

Panasonic, apart from taking advantage of the event’s status as a technology and product showcase, mainly uses the event to reach new and existing clients. These also include distributors and wholesalers of security and surveillance equipment.

“It’s a place for finding new partnerships, for developing relationships, and presenting our new equipment.” Mr Ulyanov told our team. “It’s very good for brand image. I think that’s the main point, and the main reason why we come to Securika Moscow.”

Brand visibility is everything in Russia. Your customers want to know who you are and get facetime with you. That way, close working relationships can be made and maintained — essential in a business culture that thrives on human contact.

Panasonic sees future potential in Russian security

Russia’s $100 billion security and public safety industry is full of future potential. A recovering oil price means a stabilising Russian economy. And when Russia gets the money, it spends heavily on whatever projects they choose.

Just take the 2018 FIFA World Cup. As host nation, Russia spent a cool $14.2 billion on preparing for the most prestigious tournament in football. It’s projects like that which generate keen demand for security equipment across the nation.

“I think the Russian market is potentially very interesting,” Mr Ulyanov said. “There have been many very big projects, like the World Cup stadiums, in the past — and there are many projects in very strong, extreme weather in North Russia.”

Aah. The famous Russian winter. It routinely plummets far below 0°C in Russia’s coldest regions — something that can actually provide a boon for international businesses looking to supply Russia.

“It’s a very good opportunity to develop an international brand in this area,” advised Mr Ulyanov. “It’s been a very good case study for Panasonic. We have very good solutions for extreme weather, so it’s very interesting for us.”

Getting ahead of your competition in Russia

International businesses should be wary of their foreign competitors in Russia. Foreign-made goods have a reputation for quality and cost-effectiveness in Russia, against domestically produced options.

One way to do this is to make sure your own products are feature-laden, well-made, and adaptable to Russian’s needs. For instance, Panasonic has experience supplying video surveillance products to arctic zones, so it is easily able to tailor a solution for use in Siberia or the Far East. This is what gives it an edge over competitors.

“We have several unique functions in our gear, and we can compare and girth with our competitors with these features,” Mr Ulyanov explained.

“We also have very good tech support,” Mr Ulyanov added. “When we speak about very difficult and big projects, tech support is an important feature for our customers. That is a big plus on our side.”

So, there you have it. To succeed in Russia, come equipped with a portfolio of top-quality, feature-rich solutions — but be prepared to tailor them to specific requirements on individual projects.

For more insights into how to find success on the Russian security market, read our exclusive interview with Austria’s Gotshlich.

Of course, you’ll need to find the right buyers and partners looking for your products. You can do so at Securika Moscow: the biggest and best event of its kind in Russia.

Securika Moscow: Russia’s largest security & fire safety exhibition

Every year, hundreds of exhibitors like Panasonic choose Securika Moscow to present their products and services, find new contacts and projects, and grow their brand in the extensive Russian security and fire protection sector.

2018’s show was attend by 435 exhibitors and 18,379 qualified professional visitors with an average budget of $276,125. 79% of visitors purchase from exhibitors after attend Seucrika Moscow.

More floorspace, more business events, and more visitors are planned for Securika Moscow 2019. It promises to be bigger and better than ever.

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