Securika Connect

Securika Connect lead scanner is an innovative digital tool for lead generation that simplifies the achievement of the commercial goals of your exhibiting.


Securika Connect collects a database of visitors to your stand, containing contact information and profiles of your potential customers. It allows you to quickly exchange information with clients, immediately process data and measure exhibition online.


Securika Connect lets you get the maximum result from the exhibiting:


1iconSaves time and collects a ready-to-work lead database

You don't need to waste time on filling paper forms out and collecting business cards – TransRussia Connect will do it for you.


2iconGives a competitive advantage due to the quick database processing

A comprehensive database of collected leads can be downloaded in one click - and you can make an offer to customers faster than competitors.


3iconIncreases your prospects loyalty due to easy usage

Visitors to your stand will appreciate the opportunity to get your materials (catalogs, presentations, price lists) in their personal account, so they will not have to carry these heavy materials all day at the trade show.



Helps to assess the effectiveness of exhibiting and forecast sales volume

The obtained prospects database will allow you to segment your customers according to their product interest, company size, etc. You will be able to analyze the demand for your products and build a sales strategy that allows to obtain maximum commercial benefit from trade show participation.

In addition, you will be able to evaluate trade show ROI, as well as each manager’s KPIs for detailed post-show analysis.