Special project Thermal imagers: practice application


Securika Moscow team, together with leading experts in the security industry, has prepared for you a practical knowledge base on the selection, installation and integration of thermal imagers in existing security systems.

Industry experts will give answers and recommendations:

  • What tasks do thermal imagers really solve? Modern opportunities

  • algorithm for selecting equipment for your task
  • How to calculate the economics of owning a thermal imager
  • Features of the installation of thermal imagers: practical recommendations
  • Integration of thermal imagers with existing security systems
Target audience:


  • CSO of end-customers
  • Design engineers of installation and service organizations
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7 May



Edition №1. Thermal imagers: how to make the right choice


Dmitriy Karneev
General director, KARNEEV SYSTEMS



12 May



Edition №2. Major mistakes when installing thermal imagers


Important points to consider when installing thermal imagers, typical errors and pitfalls


Dmitriy Karneev
General director, KARNEEV SYSTEMS



19 May



Edition №3. Thermal imagers: life after a pandemic



Expert opinion on whether thermal imagers will be needed after the pandemic. The forecast is how society will react and how the state will respond to the current situation in terms of thermal imaging solutions.


Yuriy Tsyvinskiy

Chief Engineer IDIS Russia


Webinar №1: Thermal imagers against COVID-19: functional features and application practice


  • Modern capabilities of measuring thermal imagers. What tasks do they really solve

  • Which thermal imager is better? The algorithm for selecting equipment for your task.
  • How to calculate the cost of ownership of a thermal imager?
  • Features of the installation of thermal imagers: practical recommendations
  • Overview of thermal imagers against COVID-19
  • What is the probability of finding a patient? What to do in the incubation period when a person has no temperature?
  • Alternatives to epidemiological imagers




Dmitriy Karneev
General Director, KARNEEV SYSTEMS
Alexander Kudryavtsev

Head of Security Systems Department, PERGAM-ENGINEERING


26 May

Start 13:00



Webinar №2. Integration of the measuring thermal imager into existing security systems with:

  • ACS
  • video surveillance system
  • face recognition system


Anton Gorynya
Technical trainer Hikvision
Denis Sokolov

Development team leader, Sigur

Vladimir Loretsyan
Training engineer Dahua Technology Rus