About Securika Moscow

Securika Moscow is the largest international exhibition of security and fire safety equipment and technologies in Russia and CIS.

  • When: 15 – 17 April 2025

  • Where: Moscow, Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre, Pavilion 3, Hall 15

Find out how to get to the venue of the exhibition and its opening hours here.

Международная выставка по безопасности
Выставка по безопасности Securika Moscow

Who takes part in Securika Moscow?

Every year the leading domestic and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of security and fire safety equipment and technologies offer a wide range of video surveillance systems, access control systems, alarm and warning systems, as well as fire extinguishing and perimeter security systems at Securika Moscow.

30+new companies

Participation in Securika Moscow is your chance to:

  • Display your products to a vast audience of security market experts and see competitive proposals
  • Meet with the existing partners and negotiate with representatives of state authorities, law enforcement agencies, industrial enterprises, business and non-state security structures
  • Attract new partners or clients and sign agreements at the exhibition
  • Boost your sales and expand sales geography
  • Strengthen the image of a stable and reliable manufacturer or supplier of security systems and increase brand recognition.

Among the regular exhibitors of Securika Moscow International Security Exhibition are such companies as Beward, DSSL, ISBC, Escort Group, Ezviz, Fensys, IDIS, ISS, ITV, Marioff, Minimax Russia, PERCo, Rubezh, RusGuard, Satvision, Sieza, Sigur, Wagner, AAM Systems, Amikom, Armo, Arstel, Bolid, Videoglaz, Vidos, Hephaestus, Ista, Modus-N, USC Group, Okhrannaya Tekhnika, Plasma-T, Pozhtekhnika, Polyservice, Prikladnaya Radiophisika, Realta, Socrates, Siberian Arsenal, Sea-Nord, Start-7, STA+, Stilsoft, Techna, Torus, EVS, Epotos, Unitest, Etalon.

Международная выставка по безопасности
Выставка по безопасности Securika Moscow

Who visits Securika Moscow?

Securika Moscow Exhibition is attended by specialists of design and installation companies, end customers of security systems, telecommunications systems, information security systems, IT infrastructure, and other companies which activities are related to security, as well as representatives of government agencies.

16 998visitors
79Russian regions

Visiting Securika Moscow is your chance to:

  • See a wide range of the up-to-date engineering solutions and study the most recent trends in the market of security systems
  • Meet the largest domestic and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of security and fire safety equipment and technologies and establish useful contacts
  • Meet with the existing partners and discuss specific engineering solutions for equipping any facilities and enterprises with the latest security systems
  • Find new manufacturers and suppliers of the physical security sector and agree upon supply of products
  • Compare products and services on the security market and enter into contracts right at Securika Moscow exhibition, with no middlemen involved.

In 2021, the majority of Securika Moscow visitors represented the companies that provide services for security system installation (34%), and companies engaged in wholesale and retail trade of security products (18%). In addition, Securika Moscow 2021 was attended by physical security experts from all EAEU States: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic.

Международная выставка по безопасности
Выставка по безопасности Securika Moscow

Securika Moscow Sections

The security systems exposition of Securika Moscow consisted of 6 sections:

Video Surveillance includes analogue and digital video surveillance cameras, high-speed dome cameras, optics for cameras, control TV- and video equipment, monitors, multiplexers, video and TV signal receiving, processing and recording equipment, analogue, digital and network video recorders, IP surveillance cameras, IP servers, number plate recognition systems, video surveillance management, TV monitoring, time-lapse scanning software, cameras and night vision systems, video monitoring systems traffic, as well as additional equipment and accessories.

Access Control includes access control and management systems, automatic electrical and mechanical barriers, gates, doors, wickets, turnstiles, checkpoints, identification and authentication technologies, production, personalization and engineering of cards, terminals, readers and software.

Alarm and Warning section includes integrated security systems, alarm and emergency announcement systems, communication equipment and systems, information protection equipment and technologies, and monitoring systems.

In Perimeter Security the exhibitors demonstrate engineered safeguards and technical resistance to burglary facilities, detectors, active and passive optical and electronic sensors for the perimeter, barriers and fences for the perimeter, retractable automatic hydraulic, electrical and mechanical barriers, additional safeguards and wire-hanger networks, armoured complexes and anti-ram barriers.

Fire Protection stands are used by the exhibitors to display fire extinguishing and fire alarm systems, fire-fighting equipment, as well as refractory and extinguishing agents and mixtures.

Building Automation. Smart Home Systems is the section covering building management systems and tools, communication, power supply and lighting systems, integrated security systems, electrical installation products and cables.

Video Report on Securika Moscow 2022

Business Program of Securika Moscow

Securika Moscow International Security Exhibition features a diverse and intensive four-day business programme, with forums, reports, discussion and panel sessions, plenary discussions, and case sessions.

1 454audience members

The events of Securika Moscow Business Program provides for sharing experiences in practical solution of industrial issues between experts and leading representatives of the physical security market, present up-to-date statistics, discuss the trends in the security industry and legislative novelties and innovations. The key events of 2021 Business Program were Future Security Forum, All-Russian Engineering Forum PROproject-2021, “Access Control: Contactless Reality" Conference, as well as SecurikaLab Lecture Hall.

Every year the Best Innovative Product competition is also held as part of Securika Moscow Business Program where more than 20 innovative solutions in the field of security and fire protection are traditionally demonstrated.

Международная выставка по безопасности
Выставка по безопасности Securika Moscow

Government and Industry Support of Securika Moscow

Securika Moscow Exhibition is a large-scale platform for displaying the state-of-the-art security equipment and a huge business space for a fruitful dialogue between the professionals. It is supported both by state bodies and specialised public organisations. Securika Moscow is held with the support of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Council of the Federation Committee on Defence and Security, the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Department of Private Security of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation in the city of Moscow, as well as the Russian Union.