Russian labour protection market 2022

The Russian workwear market ranks fourth in the world, behind the USA, China and Germany.

According to Businessstat, from 2016 to 2020, sales in physical terms increased by 80 percent here: from 0.65 to 1.16 billion units. The largest jump - by almost 44 percent - occurred in 2020. The Russian PPE market has become one of the few sectors of the Russian economy that did not reduce the growth rate during the pandemic, but grew significantly. According to Getsiz, the growth of the PPE market in 2020-2021 amounted to more than 15% per year. The market volume in 2022 is estimated at 220 billion rubles. From January to August 2022, the volume of workwear production in Russia increased by 29.4%, the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) reported.

The main customers of the workwear market are enterprises of the construction industry and the industrial sector. Government orders account for about 30%. The industry is regulated by the state, the professional clothing market can be called one of the most stable. Supports manufacturers and the fact that according to the norms of the law, workwear and shoes must be updated every year. Moreover, the experience of the pandemic has forced employers to reconsider their attitude to the protection of employees: if earlier they could close their eyes to the lack of special clothing, now they take very seriously the provision of employees with protective clothing, special shoes and personal protective equipment (PPE).

labour protection market

Similar market volumes and high growth rates have attracted the attention of many companies to the PPE sector. First of all, we are talking about light industry enterprises that produce casual, outdoor, sportswear. A number of Russian manufacturers of sports and travel clothing are considering entering the PPE market in 2022. Companies with the participation of state capital are also actively entering the market.

In addition to workwear, an active influx of new players is felt in the production of respiratory protective equipment (PPE). These are companies created by holdings that have other main areas of activity, such as the production of automobile filters, engine oil, pharmaceuticals, etc. They were prompted to engage in non—core activities by the shortage of SIZOD that arose during the pandemic. The companies, having extensive production experience, were able to quickly establish the production of light respirators.

The introduction of a risk-based approach to labor protection in Russia will also change the approaches to choosing a PPE

In June 2021, amendments to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation were adopted. The responsibility of the employer in ensuring the safety of work at the enterprise increases. The very idea and experience of such changes in developed countries suggest that high-quality PPE should be more in demand, and enterprises need to expand the range of PPE used after conducting a mandatory risk assessment.

The upcoming changes have great potential for the development of the PPE market and are aimed at improving the situation regarding safety and labor protection in our country. There should be a longer—term trend that will dominate in the next 5 years - the growth of professionalism and expertise of companies. Competition is increasing, the market is becoming more complicated. The regulatory framework has changed significantly, vacancies are occupied by the younger generation, information technology is changing sales, and new materials are products.

labour protection market

+2.8 million export record. Russian manufacturers have maximally intensified export shipments of workwear to the world market.

The Russian workwear market showed the maximum dynamics of increasing the volume of shipments of workwear to the world market, while a characteristic trend was an increase in both physical export volumes and cost indicators. The comparably high dynamics of exports in terms of value is due to the stability of prices under export contracts. The very volume of export sales of workwear as a whole shows an upward trend.

According to the research "The workwear market in Russia, the impact of sanctions 2022: research and forecast until 2026", conducted by the marketing agency Roif Expert in 2022, the volume of workwear exports reached a growth rate of 17% in terms of natural values. According to cost indicators, the volume of exports of workwear from the Russian market showed comparable growth dynamics and increased by almost $ 2.8 million.

labour protection market

The key consumers of Russian workwear on the world market are companies from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Tajikistan and Latvia. It is worth noting that the stability of foreign consumers is characteristic, and an insignificant redistribution of shares.

Against the background of consistently high demand on the world market, Russian manufacturers are expanding commodity flows in order to intensify sales and cash flow, thereby increasing export shipments. The production potential of Russian manufacturers of workwear is enormous. The specifics of the Russian production of workwear, among other things, predetermines the assortment structure and export flows, when supplying to the world market, there is also a predominance of similar product groups.

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labour protection market
labour protection market


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  • chief energetics, mechanics, engineers, technologists and other specialists
labour protection market
labour protection market


Materials and equipment for light industry:

  • Materials and equipment for footwear manufacturing
  • Welding technology, equipment and protective PPE
  • Industrial and fire safety
  • Health in the workplace

The different types of PPE include:

  • Head and scalp protection
  • Respiratory protection
  • Eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Hand and arm protection
  • Foot and leg protection
  • Body protection
  • Height and access protection

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