Security market 2022

Cyber security, end-to-end integrated systems, artificial intelligence and biometric identification — market trends in 2022

February 2022 turned almost all sectors of the economy upside down, including the security industry. The main problem faced by almost all equipment manufacturers and suppliers is the lack of microelectronic components. The search for new partners and alternative solutions as well as streamlining of component supplies became key objectives for the most of Russian security system suppliers in 2022. However, despite the exit of many foreign companies from the market, manufacturers are finding alternatives and actively continue to implement high-tech solutions based on AI, cloud technologies and IoT. This article explores the trends that are still relevant in the Russian security market.

Кибербезопасность, Securika Moscow 2023

Import substitution and cybersecurity are among the priorities

The urgent need for import substitution in 2022 pushes the market forward, and there is a particular focus on finding components and ensuring cybersecurity and data protection. In 2022, the number of cyberattacks increased dramatically in all sectors of the economy. According to experts, the market volume released due to foreign vendors' withdrawal from the Russian IS segment tends to RUB 80 billion. Refusal of foreign software producers to work in Russia not only opened new opportunities for Russian developers, but also increased the burden on companies. Information security products are now in demand in defence, energy, materials and finance sectors. Despite the state support provided to the sector, the increased demand for domestic solutions forces Russian software producers to boost both human and production resources. In fact, the entire Russian corporate market today is being freed from the Western software.

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Development of end-to-end integrated security systems — metaverses — another major trend of 2022

It is rather hard to ensure security of a large enterprise or a hub using a single technology. This requires simultaneous use of access control, video surveillance, and perimeter alarm systems. Accordingly, there is a need for advanced data collection and processing systems integrated into the enterprise infrastructure.

In 2022, security systems are becoming even more diverse. Previously, they were represented by violation detection hardware, but now companies provide consulting, video analytics, and integration solutions, i.e. security has become comprehensive. Development of security systems follows the way of aggregation, and particular attention is paid to data flow processing. Large information systems, PSIM-systems for integrated security management appear on the market.

At the same time the market is consolidating: security market vendors develop hardware and software systems in collaboration with each other, large manufacturers launch open platforms to meet individual requirements of multiple customers. There is a shift from point solutions on information security to development of metaverses — unified infrastructures, where individual vendors can do much more than simply solve their specific problems. By combining different IS and IT products, they manage to create continuous security envelope.

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AI, cloud solutions, IoT continue to evolve rapidly

Artificial Intelligence is becoming the basic technology. It acquires more and more functions and application scenarios. Intelligent ANPR solutions become more functional, video analytics systems detect less false positives, simplify detection of non-standard, conflict situations in public areas.

Platforms and services that enable remote monitoring continue to develop as well, since remote access protection is still relevant. Comprehensive approach to protection and security in a fragmented infrastructure, for example, when some people are located remotely while others are in the office, is of immediate interest as well.

Биометрическая идентификация, Securika Moscow 2023

Wireless technologies and secure cloud storages are convenient solutions that are still in demand

Today people are still interested in convenience: there is a high demand for keyless access, wireless technology, well-secured cloud solutions, detailed imaging, low-cost biometric identification solutions — and, in general, for customized engineering solutions.

Image detailing. New image requirements and standards form a relatively new trend. Cameras with multiple lenses are becoming more popular, there is a demand for high-quality imaging in severe environment, full colour night and round-the-clock shooting.

Biometric identification and using a smartphone as the key. Plastic card is a thing of the past, inconvenient to use and costly to maintain. Retinal identification technologies are still quite expensive today, that is why we are primarily talking about facial or smartphone identification.

Urgent “inventory accounting” of fire protection equipment for security system upgrade

It is difficult to calculate the number of Russian facilities using the foreign equipment. But since many foreign suppliers have left the Russian market, there is an urgent need to find alternative solutions in design, operation and upgrade of the fire protection equipment. And the import substitution is in progress — many facilities are already equipped with Russian fire protection systems (“Rubezh”, “Bolid”).

In addition, EMERCOM of Russia today proposes to create a register of the facilities using safety systems based on the equipment of withdrawn manufacturers, a register of spare parts to be replaced, as well as to develop a plan for the facilities upgrade and transfer to domestic systems.

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In 2022, the security market is on the rise. Now the government is more than ever interested in rapid development and implementation of Russian software solutions. For example, the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media actively involves “white hats” and co-finances pilot projects. Technologies are developed not only by vendors, but also by integrators — in their own laboratories and development centres. So there are all the prerequisites for growth and boost.

Innovative software products developed in 2022 will be presented at the 28th international exhibition of security and fire safety equipment and technologies Securika Moscow 2023.


Securika Moscow 2023 will take place on April 11-14, 2023 in Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC (Pavilion 2)