Interview with Natalia Vinogradova, Director of Securika Moscow exhibition

Natalia Vinogradova, Event Director of Securika Moscow, talks about the preparations for the spring exhibition season and what will be Securika Moscow be like this year.

— A lot of changes have taken place in the life of the country and business over the past year. Were they reflected in any way at the exhibition?

Natalia Vinogradova: Any professional event is a reflection of the industry to which it is dedicated. Securika Moscow is no exception. To date, it has become very difficult, and in some cases impossible, to participate for European companies that have lost the financial support of their countries. At the same time, China, Turkey and new geographies, which seek to increase their market share at the expense of companies that have left Russia, will reveal their potential at the exhibition in 2023.

Interview with Natalia Vinogradova, Director of Securika Moscow exhibition

— How is the preparation for the Securika Moscow exhibition going? Which of the Russian companies have already confirmed their participation?

Natalia Vinogradova: Interest to the exhibition is quite high among both regular participants and new ones. Among the companies are Russian industry leaders: ARGUS-SPECTRUM, ARMO-Systems, Beward, BOLID, Si-Nord, ESCORT Group, Bastion, RVI Group, PERCo, Plasma-T, Pozhtechnika, Rhythm, Rubetek, RUBEZH, Sigur, Wagner RU, TRASSIR. Among the foreign participants are Vandsec, Tiandy, Mavili, Zonerich, Siterwell. For the first time will participate PSC Electronics, Siltek, New Technologies, Dorren, Cvsoft and other companies.

Interview with Natalia Vinogradova, Director of Securika Moscow exhibition

— What will be the business program? What events are you planning to hold?

Natalia Vinogradova: Securika Moscow business program raise topical issues in the field of security systems. Our visitors still have a lot of questions referred to changes in Rules for the Design of fire extinguishing and alarm systems. As part of the business program, we will discuss the practice of applying new standards. The practice of import substitution is relevant. We will take a detailed look at the cases of the last year in all areas of the security market. Also will be held a forum for security directors — we will discuss the areas of retail, security of industrial facilities, anti-terrorism and others. We will discuss the topics of information security, as well as labor protection security to support the development of the new potential sectors at the exhibition.

The program will be rich and very interesting.

You participation is very welcomed! Join us at the leading security industry business event in Russia, 11-14 April 2023!

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