Securika Moscow 2023 takes place in a few weeks

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The 28th edition of Securika Moscow, Russia's largest exhibition of security technology and equipment for security and fire protection, will take place in a month's time.

  • The date of Securika Moscow 2023: from 11 to 14 April 2023.
  • Location Securika Moscow 2023: Moscow, Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre.
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Given the market circumstances emerging against the backdrop of international decisions, businesses are actively adapting to the new realities. It should be noted that within many segments, a different balance of power is emerging as unfilled niches emerge due to the departure of major foreign players. This situation allows domestic producers to bring their products to the market, which contributes to the task of import substitution.

In addition, consumers are beginning to trust Russian production more and more. As a result, many business segments need to diversify into new and related industries, which can provide significant benefits.

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Over the course of 4 days at Securika Moscow 2023, domestic and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of security systems will present new products in 6 thematic sections: video surveillance, access control, alarms and notification, perimeter security, fire protection, building automation and smart home systems.

What are the advantages of attending Securika Moscow 2023?

  1. More than 180 domestic and foreign companies, including those from Belarus, Austria and Turkey, have confirmed their participation in Securika Moscow 2023 so far. More than 30 companies from China will present their stands. Companies from the Chelyabinsk and Orel regions and Krasnodar Territory will also present collective stands.

  2. 20% are completely new exhibitors. More than 30 companies are taking part in the exhibition for the first time. These include: OCTRON, Avallon, DORREN, Radar, Automatic Gate Company JSC and others.

  3. More than 20 companies are back after a break in participation. Among them: 3S Group, Argus-Spektr, Rubetek Rus, Electronics psc, Twin Pro, Itrium, Bastion, Crosslink, Prosoft-Biometrix, ST-Perimeter, Proxima, CCDCAM/ Ipeye, Komputstroyservis, Ask-Resource, Alkotektor, NAG and others.

  4. Traditionally, Securika Moscow will be accompanied by a busy three-day business programme where experts will discuss current market issues and case stories to solve specific tasks. Attendance at the events of the business programme is free of charge with a ticket to the exhibition. You can find the business programme on the exhibition website.

  5. Pre-registration has already been taken by specialists from 79 regions of Russia and 23 countries. Leading design engineers, security systems installers, technical and IT directors, project managers of system integrators, heads of automation departments, heads of security and safety services, directors of procurement, representatives of companies from different industries visit the exhibition annually. It should be noted that about 50% of visitors make new business contacts at Securika Moscow, and 63% find the necessary products and plan to make purchases as a result of visiting the exhibition.

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Thus, only at Securika Moscow 2023 will there be the opportunity to see Russia's largest selection of video surveillance systems, ACS, alarm and warning systems, and fire-fighting equipment.

Registration for Securika Moscow 2023 is open and with the help of a special promo code you can get a free ticket. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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