Securika Moscow 2023: Feedback from Exhibitors

The largest Russian exhibition of security and fire safety equipment and technology was held a month ago. What kind of feedback do representatives of the exhibiting companies give about Securika Moscow?

The main objective of the Securika Moscow exhibition is to provide most effective solutions for business issues in the shortest possible time. Participation in the exhibition allows manufacturers and suppliers of security and fire safety equipment and technology to establish contacts with experts and business owners interested in procurement.

What do the exhibitors say about the last exhibition and results they achieved for 4 days?

Pozhtekhnika Group

The Securika Moscow exhibition has always been very important for Pozhtekhnika Group. We have been participating in the exhibition for many years and, every year, we are reassured that this is an opportunity not only to sum up results, but also to present achievements and new products of our company. This is surely also about meetings with our regular customers, work with designers who want to come and see the quality advertised on websites and in booklets. We do a great job with our partners in the regions. So, Securika is an important aspect of the annual marketing policy”, Natalia Khazova, CEO of Pozhtekhnika Group.

Pozhtekhnika Group
OSK Group

Argus Spectr

The Securika exhibition is a reporting event for us. We enjoy our participation in this exhibition every year. We believe that this is the leading fire safety exhibition in Russia and a venue to meet both our colleagues and our customers. Our company specializes in fire safety equipment. We are happy to meet engineering, installation, and maintenance professionals here. The exhibition is obviously popular”, Mikhail Levchuk, COO.


We represent Algont, a Russian developer and manufacturer of comprehensive security and life sustenance systems. Our impressions from the exhibition are absolutely positive. We have been exhibiting for a number of years already, and we will continue to take part in the exhibition because the audience here is quite diverse. Today, we welcomed representatives of Rosatom, the Ministry of Defence, and just large civilian enterprises. There are many young visitors walking around interested in technology in general”, Dmitry Krivov, Deputy CEO, Chief Designer of Algont.

OSK Group

We are grateful to the Securika exhibition, which gives us an opportunity to openly show our capabilities. It really feels like we have not enough people at our booth to tell everyone about our popular systems, to show everything, because every visitor needs time and attention. So, I always rate this exhibition as a competition between the best of the best, and I highly appreciate technology, especially competitors whose booths show not varnished products or compilations, but a worthy in-house product. So, there is something I want to wish for the organizers... I wish you more space and more participants, both exhibitors and visitors. As for the rest, you always manage everything very well!Mikhail Kochetkov, CEO.


We recently signed an agreement with a new manufacturer, that is, our company is a distributor. We supply metal to the Russian market. Now, we will also supply thermal imaging cameras to fix penetration in various secure zones located at borders, at some facilities, and so on. So, we decided that we need to participate in a security exhibition. And Securika Moscow is the largest security exhibition in Russia. Plus, partners often tell us that if a company is not part of this exhibition, it is not part of the market. And it is vital to be part of the market, that’s why we are here. We will surely participate next year to keep up our significance and awareness in the market”, Mikhail Skvortsov, CEO.

NPG Granit-Salamandrа LLC

We decided not to take a break this year. We didn’t exhibit last year. This year, we decided to attend your great exhibition, as we have new interesting solutions for business and, accordingly, for fire extinguishing development. The Securika Moscow exhibition is most likely about the development of our business in various cities for us. People come here from different parts of this country, from different cities of our great fatherland. So, we are interested in sharing our experience with everyone at the exhibition. We are looking forward to signing new contacts, we are interested in installers, designers, engineers. The exhibition has just started, today is the 1st day, but here are already a lot of people. We experience a high interest, they must be missing our company. For us, the exhibition is an opportunity, and most importantly, a wish to show our generators in real time action”, Leonid Melikhov, Head of the Development Department at NPG Granit-Salamandra.


The Securika Moscow exhibition is one of the key events of the year, just as always. We are exhibiting on a large scale here, demonstrating many new products in fire safety automation and comprehensive security systems, following the tradition of recent years. Besides, the exhibition is an opportunity not only to meet current customers, but also to find new ones, to arouse a great interest of the audience in our company due to objective reasons. Interest in us, as a Russian manufacturer, is growing, so Rubezh has very strong production capabilities. We would like to wish the organizers to enhance their, so to speak, influence on the industry so that the list of exhibitors continues to expand. Nevertheless, there is already a trend for the key market players to attend this exhibition. And this is the main indicator for the near future”, Andrey Churikov, Head of the Marketing Department at Rubezh.

Securika Moscow

A survey of the Securika Moscow exhibitors shows positive feedback from companies in the follow-up of the 2023 display: 59% (53% in 2022) of exhibitors found new customers, 83% met current customers and partners.

However, visitors who came from different parts of not only Russia, but also foreign states, were also willing to share their impressions.

Here is what some experts who visited the exhibition said:

  1. I came to the Securika exhibition to get acquainted with my customers personally, for example, those we already run tests for, and, surely, in search of new customers for tests in the customs union, as well as for fire safety. The Securika exhibition is advantageous because here you can get acquainted personally with those whom you can’t reach over telephone and so on, and discuss details of new contracts. The atmosphere is a very pleasant here. Here are a lot of suppliers and manufacturers of fire safety and telecommunications equipment. I recommend everyone to visit this exhibition”, representative of Servants Group.

  2. We are from Vladivostok. We run a chain of restaurants. We really care about the safety of our guests, so we decided to install security and video surveillance systems on our own. To do this, we visited the Securika Moscow exhibition for the first time in 2021 and learned a lot of interesting things. Some time ago, we compared exhibitions held in Russia. Actually, not only in Russia. I could say that Securika Moscow resulted the best one in terms of exhibitors, equipment presented, novelties, and other aspects I found. Every year, more and more companies exhibit here, and every year, we find something new for ourselves”, representative of the Supra Georgian restaurant chain.

The 29th International Exposition of Security and Fire Safety Equipment and Technologies Securika Moscow will be held on April 16–18, 2024 in Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilion 3.

The exposition of the next exhibition is actively being formed.