Seven facts about Securika Moscow 2024

Why Securika Moscow – the industry`s main highlight of the year – is important to visit?

Effective live communication among manufacturers, suppliers and purchasers of products and services, new business contacts and proposals, demonstration of new products, and an eventful business programme – all this awaits the visitors of the 29th International Exhibition of Security and Fire Protection Equipment and Products Securika Moscow. In 2024, the exhibition will be held on the 16–18 of April at Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre (Pavilion 3).

Securika Moscow 2024: Figures and Facts

Fact 1. Russia's largest exhibition of security and fire protection equipment and products.

In 2024, it will be the 29th anniversary of Securika Moscow – the annual event has been held since 1994. Securika Moscow is historically the first large exhibition for this sector in Russia, and it gets better from year to year.

Securika Moscow
Securika Moscow 2024

Fact 2. Diverse and high-profile exhibitors.

Over 200 Russian and international companies from Belarus, China, Korea, India, Taiwan, and Turkey have confirmed participation in the 2024 event, among them are: ARGUS-SPEKTR, ARMO-Systems, Beward, Bolid, C.Nord, Escort Group, EVS, RVI Group, ITV Group, PERCo, Plazma-T, Firepro, Ritm, RUBETEK RUS, Rubezh, Sigur, Wagner RU, Trassir, and many more.

Over 25 companies will take part for the first time, among them are: MTS, Engineering Safety System, Tensor, Сlever Parking, Istochnik Batteries, SD Group, and many others.

Companies from China are highly interested in Russian security systems market with over 45 companies joining the exposition.

Fact 3. The visitors are the sector's leading experts.

Every year, Securika Moscow is visited by more than 19,500 specialists from design and installation organizations, end customers using security systems, heads of procurement departments engaged in sales of security products, as well as representatives of government agencies providing national and public security.

In 2023, the audience included 10,242 persons visiting the Exhibition for the first time.

Fact 4. High buyer potential of the audience.

Not only are the visitors true professionals in their businesses, but also representatives of large companies keen to purchase the exhibited products. This being said, 19% of the companies have procurement budget worth over 10 million Russian roubles.

People who influence procurement decision-making process account for 93% of the visitors.

Fact 5. Extensive display area.

The exhibitors have more than 12 thousand square metres of exhibition space available to arrange their stands and equipment at Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre.

Products and services offered by the exhibitors are broken into 8 dedicated product categories. See exhibit categories >>

  1. Video surveillance: Beward, Trassir, ITV, Satvision, ISS, EVS, Vidiotec, Hi-Tech Security, Tiandy, and others.
  2. Access control: SIGUR, ESMART, PERCo, RusGuard, MTS, TriviTekh, AAM-Systems, Modus-N, DORCAS, INFOMATIKA, TWINPRO, NOVYE TEKHNOLOGII, Key Guard, Ira Prom, and others.
  3. Alarm and alerting: Argus-Spectr, Escort Group, Bolid, Rielta, Sokrat, C.Nord, Unitest, and others.
  4. Perimeter security: FORTEZA, PERGAM, ST-perimetr, Start-7, Stillsoft, Fensys, and others.
  5. Fire protection: Wagner, Plasma-T, Gefest, Ogneborets, FLAMAX, Holding OSK Group, Firepro, Ogneza, Epotos, and others.
  6. Smart home: Rubetech, IMLIGHT, EFK, Sputneyk, and others.
  7. Information security: СAMKEEPER
  8. Health&safety: CleverPark, ArsenalVideo, ALCOBARRIER, and others.

Integrated security systems will be displayed by companies and major vendors: CTA plus, RUBEZH, ARMO, Luis+.

Fact 6. Welcoming setting for networking.

The main benefit of such event as an exhibition is the ability to discuss business in person with top managers of companies and to get the most of these 3 days, meeting with the maximum number of customers, both existing and potential.

According to 2023 survey, the average number of contracts signed during the Exhibition days is up to 140. The same would take over a month and a half in usual business conditions.

Holders of managerial positions at different levels account for 63% of visitors.

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Fact 7. Business programme of the Exhibition covers all the 3 days.

An eventful business programme is offered each year.

A key topic of the business programme this year will be video analytics and the use of AI in video surveillance. Equipment manufacturers are facing tough challenges: they need to develop innovative technologies, improve the efficiency of video data analytics, and expand the functionality.

The "Video Analytics: How to See Everything" session will answer questions "How to do this at minimum costs?" and "What future technologies are widely applied now?"

Countering unmanned aerial vehicles will be given a special focus. UAVs are increasingly used for espionage, terrorist acts or illegal activity. What are the detection and protection measures? How to integrate a drone recognition system in an existing security system? We will talk about this and about where the UAV industry is moving to at the "UAV: How to Find and Respond?" session.

From the business programme, visitors will get a broader understanding of the current developments and principles of Russia's security industry operation.

Follow the business programme updates on the Exhibition's website. The programme is under development.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Securika Moscow 2024!

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