Exhibition press release

From 16 to 18 April 2024, the 29th International Exhibition of technical means of protection and equipment for security and fire protection Securika Moscow 2024 took place in Crocus Expo IEC.

Securika Moscow 2024 demonstrated significant growth, with the exhibition attracting a high number of attendees and visitors noting the dynamism of the technology sector. There was a clear indication from the market participants that the saturation of the sector with both established and emerging products was a key driver for growth. The exhibition also saw a noticeable increase in the regional diversity of its attendees. Finally, it is worth noting the consistent attendance at the exhibition by leading industry specialists, which is a testament to its reputation as Russia's leading specialised event for security professionals.

In 2024, 316 companies from 8 countries presented their technical solutions at Securika Moscow, with 20,379 specialists from 81 regions of Russia and 22 countries attending in total. These figures represent a 10% increase on 2023, with 6,600 cross-visitors of ExpoElectronica. The exhibition was visited by representatives of all EAEU member countries. Visitors from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan were in attendance, and for many participants, this was a significant advantage. It allowed them to hold meetings with customers, dealers and partners from across Russia in a short period of time.

Securika Moscow 2024
Securika Moscow 2024

Participants were clear in noting the qualitative composition of visitors, with a large number of relevant specialists present and ready to ask questions and complete tasks. The share of key visitors was 94%. Of these, an impressive 38% were on the lookout for business products and services. Furthermore, 93% of those influencing purchasing decisions within the company were present, while owners and managers of companies accounted for an encouraging 64%. We are pleased to report that the number of visitors with procurement budgets of 20 million and over and 50 million increased to 38% (36% in 2023).

This year, the International Exhibition Securika Moscow 2024 welcomed representatives of government agencies and professional associations, including EMERCOM of Russia, the Public Council under the Ministry of Transport of Russia, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the Association in the field of Non-State Security, the Association "Smart MCD", the Union of Shopping Centres of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Logistics Security Association, and the Association of Retail Security Experts.

Furthermore, we welcomed delegations from friendly countries, including Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Some companies presented their products at the exhibition and gave us their feedback about their participation.

"We are delighted to report that our expectations for this year have been fulfilled. We have welcomed partners and clients from Tomsk, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg, which is a significant development. In recent years, we have seen a concentration of activity in nearby regions. This year, we have also welcomed clients from the Far East, and we have seen a great deal of interest in our services from large organisations. For instance, EuroChem is a major private customer with numerous facilities that require extinguishing, just like ours. Furthermore, we have been in contact with "Rostelecom", "Vympelcom", and the "Presidential Administration". We are rebuilding our relationships and have initiated preliminary discussions on potential collaborations", – Olga Kucheryavenko, Chief Specialist of the Client Department at NPO PAS.

"Securika Moscow is the unquestionable highlight of the year. It's Russia's most essential trade show, and it's more crucial than ever. This year's event was a resounding success with an impressive number of exhibitors and attendees, expansive exhibition areas and a genuinely welcoming ambience. A considerable portion of visitors were top-notch companies and industry insiders, keen to see what the exhibitors at Securika Moscow had to offer. Our staff were kept on their toes throughout the event. Securika Moscow offers a high quality return on investment that is simply unparalleled", – Roman Rysin, BEWARD Sales Manager.

Visitors about Securika Moscow 2024

"We visit the exhibition every year to keep up with the latest developments in our field. This year we visited the stand of a company with which we have a partnership in the telecoms industry. The exhibition is always useful for us as we meet with highly qualified representatives who are able to provide us with in-depth information and demonstrate the products' functionality. It's extremely convenient and informative", – said Alexander Mikhailenko, Deputy Technical Director for R&D at Satel in St. Petersburg.

"For 20 years, I have been involved in system design and I always attend this exhibition. There is always a great selection of equipment. We have successfully sourced tanks and high-pressure fine spray water from new manufacturers. The lectures are invaluable as they provide a comprehensive overview, including updates on changes in norms and regulations, which helps us to better realise our work. "This exhibition is the best way to communicate, better than anything I've seen online. There's so much opportunity here", – Veselova, Team Leader at Mosinzhproekt JSC.

"Our company specialises in installing fire alarm systems, intercom systems, video surveillance and low-current systems. We were impressed by the latest innovations in fire alarm equipment and security alarm systems. We found several suppliers of cable products and new manufacturers of intercom systems with whom we will be working. The exhibition was not just an exposition; it also included interesting lectures and the opportunity to make new acquaintances with new companies", – Eduard Menshutin, engineer, Install LLC, Sakhalin.

Securika Moscow 2024
Securika Moscow 2024

Business Programme

Securika Moscow 2024 delivered an impressive three-day business programme that included 17 events and 127 speakers, with nearly 2,500 listeners in attendance. The programme featured leading company representatives and industry associations, including: SIGUR, RUBEZH, ANO POPSB Consortium, PJSC Sberbank, VNIIPO of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, NVP BOLID, ITV, Biometric Technologies Centre, PJSC VTB, BIOSMART, ESMART®, MTS, ITRIUM, TRASSIR, PSC Electronics, TC Detsky Mir, TC OKEY, Yandex Market, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Huawei, Innopolis, PJSC Rostelecom, Rostelecom-Solar, Kaspersky Antidrone, YUMIRS, Videoglaz, Videophone, Solaris, SoftDivision LLC, Sberbank, LUIS+, UC Takir, as well as members of the Non-State Security Coordination Council of the Russian Federation, members of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Committee on Business Security and representatives of the Union of Shopping Centres.

The Forum Hall business programme on 16 April opened with a panel discussion on "Security Systems: New Challenges – New Solutions". This session addressed pressing issues and solutions in the security sector in Russia. Experts discussed changes in legislation, industry development forecasts, and the need for import substitution.

The Biometrics: Regulations, Implementation, BBS conference was dedicated to biometrics and its implementation in enterprises, compliance with regulations and legislation, and the development of Commercial Biometric Systems (CBS). The conference was divided into three parts: "BiOSKUD turnkey", "BiOSKUD: do-it-yourself", "Transactional model for BiOSKUD operation". The conference partner was JSC "Biometric Technologies Centre.

The conference "ACS. New Technologies, Approaches, Opportunities" finished the first day of the Forum Hall. The co-organiser of the conference was SIGUR. The speakers addressed the issues of system integration and the risks and threats that complicate the work of access control devices.

The annual PROproject forum, an event for specialists in the field of security system design, was held on 16 April in the Lecture Hall. Experts discussed innovations in regulatory documentation, anti-terrorist security and professional education for designers. The Forum was organised by ANO 'Consortium PPSSB'. It is important to note that within the framework of the forum, an agreement was signed between ANO 'Consortium SPSS' and MSCU.

17 April saw the busiest day in both halls, with the Forum hall playing host to a special event titled "Efficient equipping of objects with security systems using equipment of domestic manufacturers". This event was all about efficient import substitution and the design of security systems that adhere to all regulations. ZAO NVP Bolid was our partner in the endeavour.

After lunch, LUIS+ hosted an informative session in the Forum Hall on the topic of fire safety. Speakers delved into the crucial aspects of fire safety system design, outlining the essential considerations for effective protection. The session, aptly titled "Fire safety: from design to effective protection", was a resounding success.

In the Forum Hall at the heart of the business day, FSUE RSVO and SIGUR sealed the deal with a binding agreement, after which, the results of the Best Innovative Product contest were laid out for all to see.

On 17 April, the Lecture Hall kicked off its work with a special session, co-organised by TAKIR and LUIS+ titled "Requirements of regulatory documents. Expectation vs Reality". The speakers of the session discussed current legislative requirements and the problems faced by safety specialists and designers.

The Lecture Hall then played host to an offsite meeting of the Economic Security Subcommittee of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Committee on Business Security. The committee members discussed financial security issues and ways of forming a socially responsible business position.

The traditional Security Directors Forum took place on April 17th in the Lecture Hall. This year's forum saw security directors from the retail and logistics sectors, as well as leading figures from the security industry, discussing and addressing the key issues currently facing the sector. The session was organised in conjunction with the Association of Retail Security Experts.

The rest of the day in the Lecture Hall was dedicated to video surveillance. The session "Video analytics: how to see everything" co-organised by Videoglaz. was a clear demonstration of the issues surrounding support for video equipment manufacturers, the use of AI as a key tool for perimeter security, the development of video equipment technologies and video analytics, as well as the processes of its competent implementation and use at the enterprise.

The day concluded with a pitch session, co-organised by the Skolkovo Foundation and Videoglaz, of Skolkovo Foundation residents, who were mostly graduates of the Tech Explorer development programme for technology companies.

On 18 April, the Forum Hall hosted a session titled "Cybersecurity and its role in physical security" where experts discussed the role of inseparability of the concepts of information and physical security.

The session "Occupational Health and Safety" addressed crucial issues such as the role of psychological factors in dangerous employee behaviour, as well as accident investigation techniques. The experts also emphasised the importance of employee engagement and the use of gamification as a tool for occupational safety training.

The Lecture Hall kicked off on 18 April with the session "UAVs – how to detect and how to fight?". During the session, invited experts confidently answered a number of questions on how to protect against UAVs, what detection and suppression methods exist, and how to integrate an enterprise security system with UAV protection. The session was co-organised by Kaspersky Antidrone.

The session "Transformation of Integrated Security Systems" brought the business programme to a close. The speakers of the session discussed how to improve the efficiency of the ISPS by introducing analytics and forecasting, as well as the fact that security management is an integral business process.

Securika Moscow 2024
Securika Moscow 2024

Best Innovative Product competition

At Securika Moscow, the results of the Best Innovative Product contest were traditionally summarised. This year, 18 companies took part in the competition in 6 nominations. For the first time, online voting took place, with almost 10,000 participants. The traditional jury meeting was also held, where participants presented their projects to industry experts. The winners were determined based on the results of the online voting and the jury's decision. On 17 April, they presented the most interesting and significant developments in the format of a pitch session.

The winners of the 2024 competition are:

  • New Technologies LLC (RADARPLUS brand) – the winner in the Access Control and Management Systems nomination;

  • Rubezh Research and Production Company – the winner in the nomination "Access Control and Management Systems";

  • Rubetek Company – the winner in the category "Video Surveillance Systems";

  • Pozhtekhnika Group of Companies – victory in the Fire Fighting and Fire Protection Means nomination;

  • Teko Company – winner in the nomination "Signalling and Alerting Systems";

  • Kamkiper LLC – winner in the category "Integrated Security Systems and Integration Platforms".

In addition to the main awards, several participating companies also received special awards from the competition including:

  • Briareos LLC – special award "For unique solution in fire extinguishing methods" in the nomination "Fire extinguishing and fire protection means";

  • Black Rays Company – special award for "Originality of Solution";

  • ESMART® brand (AT Bureau LLC) – special award "For promising developments in the industry" in the category "Integrated Security Systems and Integration Platforms";

  • Tyumen Aerosols LLC – special award "For Contribution to the Development of Fire Safety" in the category "Signalling and Alerting Systems".


Partner of the section "Fire protection" – USC Group Holding Company.

Strategic Information Partner, Official Partner of the Press Centre – RUBEZH information and analytical magazine.

General Partner of the Forum Hall – NVP BOLID.

General Partner of the Lecture Hall – PROproject Forum.

Partner of the conference "Biometrics: Regulations, Implementation, KBS" – JSC Biometric Technologies Centre (BTC).

Partner of the Forum "Efficient Equipping Facilities with Security Systems Using Domestic Manufacturer's Equipment" – CJSC NVP Bolid.

The PROproject Forum is organised by ANO SPSS Consortium.

Co-organiser of the conference "ACS. New Technologies, Approaches, Opportunities" – SIGUR Company.

Co-organisers of the session "Requirements of regulatory documents. Expectation vs Reality" – TAKIR BYC and LUIS+ Company.

Co-organiser of the session "Fire safety: from design to effective protection" – LUIS+ company.

The co-organiser of the Security Directors Forum is the Association of Retail Security Experts.

Co-organiser of the session "Video analytics: how to see everything" – Videoglaz Company.

Co-organisers of the pitch session "Video Analytics: Startups" – Skolkovo Foundation and Videoglaz Company.

Co-organiser of the session "UAVs - how to detect and how to fight?" – Kaspersky Antidrone.

Official support

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

The Securika Moscow team would like to thank the guests, exhibitors and partners of the exhibition for their invaluable contribution to the organisation and holding of the main business event of the security industry.

The 30th International Exhibition of Technical Security Means and Equipment for Security and Fire Protection, Securika Moscow, will be held on 15-17 April 2025, in Crocus Expo IEC.

The exposition is being actively formed and we are proud to announce that 200 companies have confirmed their participation in the 2025 exhibition.