Exhibitors feedback

Pozhtekhnika Group

The Securika Moscow exhibition has always been very important for Pozhtekhnika Group. We have been participating in the exhibition for many years and, every year, we are reassured that this is an opportunity not only to sum up results, but also to present achievements and new products of our company. This is surely also about meetings with our regular customers, work with designers who want to come and see the quality advertised on websites and in booklets. We do a great job with our partners in the regions. So, Securika is an important aspect of the annual marketing policy, — Natalia Khazova, CEO of Pozhtekhnika Group.

Argus Spectr

The Securika exhibition is a reporting event for us. We enjoy our participation in this exhibition every year. We believe that this is the leading fire safety exhibition in Russia and a venue to meet both our colleagues and our customers. Our company specializes in fire safety equipment. We are happy to meet engineering, installation, and maintenance professionals here. The exhibition is obviously popular, — Mikhail Levchuk, COO.


We represent Algont, a Russian developer and manufacturer of comprehensive security and life sustenance systems. Our impressions from the exhibition are absolutely positive. We have been exhibiting for a number of years already, and we will continue to take part in the exhibition because the audience here is quite diverse. Today, we welcomed representatives of Rosatom, the Ministry of Defence, and just large civilian enterprises. There are many young visitors walking around interested in technology in general, — Dmitry Krivov, Deputy CEO, Chief Designer of Algont.

OSK Group

We are grateful to the Securika exhibition, which gives us an opportunity to openly show our capabilities. It really feels like we have not enough people at our booth to tell everyone about our popular systems, to show everything, because every visitor needs time and attention. So, I always rate this exhibition as a competition between the best of the best, and I highly appreciate technology, especially competitors whose booths show not varnished products or compilations, but a worthy in-house product. So, there is something I want to wish for the organizers... I wish you more space and more participants, both exhibitors and visitors. As for the rest, you always manage everything very well! — Mikhail Kochetkov, CEO.


We recently signed an agreement with a new manufacturer, that is, our company is a distributor. We supply metal to the Russian market. Now, we will also supply thermal imaging cameras to fix penetration in various secure zones located at borders, at some facilities, and so on. So, we decided that we need to participate in a security exhibition. And Securika Moscow is the largest security exhibition in Russia. Plus, partners often tell us that if a company is not part of this exhibition, it is not part of the market. And it is vital to be part of the market, that’s why we are here. We will surely participate next year to keep up our significance and awareness in the market, — Mikhail Skvortsov, CEO.

NPG Granit-Salamandrа LLC

We decided not to take a break this year. We didn’t exhibit last year. This year, we decided to attend your great exhibition, as we have new interesting solutions for business and, accordingly, for fire extinguishing development. The Securika Moscow exhibition is most likely about the development of our business in various cities for us. People come here from different parts of this country, from different cities of our great fatherland. So, we are interested in sharing our experience with everyone at the exhibition. We are looking forward to signing new contacts, we are interested in installers, designers, engineers. The exhibition has just started, today is the 1st day, but here are already a lot of people. We experience a high interest, they must be missing our company. For us, the exhibition is an opportunity, and most importantly, a wish to show our generators in real time action, — Leonid Melikhov, Head of the Development Department at NPG Granit-Salamandra.


The Securika Moscow exhibition is one of the key events of the year, just as always. We are exhibiting on a large scale here, demonstrating many new products in fire safety automation and comprehensive security systems, following the tradition of recent years. Besides, the exhibition is an opportunity not only to meet current customers, but also to find new ones, to arouse a great interest of the audience in our company due to objective reasons. Interest in us, as a Russian manufacturer, is growing, so Rubezh has very strong production capabilities. We would like to wish the organizers to enhance their, so to speak, influence on the industry so that the list of exhibitors continues to expand. Nevertheless, there is already a trend for the key market players to attend this exhibition. And this is the main indicator for the near future, — Andrey Churikov, Head of the Marketing Department at Rubezh.

IDIS Benelux

Securika is impressive. With the audience that is coming at the exhibition, you see, that is all market related audience. It is a good appoint, with the right questions, right problems, searching for right solutions — that absolutly what we need, — Karlo Kuijer CEO, IDIS Benelux.


Russian market — is a very important market globaly. And this exhibition is the biggest and the most important here — not only for the Russia, but also different countries surrounding Russia. It is a good chance to have a face to face contact discussian with different customers from all the different countries here, — Aaron Jao Marketing Director, UNIVIEW.

NSC Sicherheitstechnik GmbH — Germany

We’ve returned every year for the last 5 years because we find it a useful exercise to introduce our brand into the market and also to find potential partners, distributers, partners which could help us further develop our sales in the country, — Alexander Bartling, Business Development Manager, NSC Sicherheitstechnik.

Rapidrop — UK

Construction is big out here, there’s definitely potential. We met many installers and end users this year. They see value in UK manufactured products. We feel optimistic about the next few years — Securika is the place to be for fire sprinklers! — Martyn Willimer, Sales Director, Rapidrop.

Gottschlich — Austria

We’re promoting our turn styles and sensor gates, manufactured in Austria. it’s our second year here on Securika with a much bigger stand. Last year was a big success for us we got almost all of the stadiums for the world soccer championships this summer. This year we have met a lot of people, a lot of appointments including regional government which has gone really well for us. Russia is a big country, not like Austria, so there’s a lot of projects throughout the whole country that are in need for high quality products, — Michael Wotke, Marketing and Acquistion,, Gotschlich.

Amaryllo — Netherlands (Video)

One of the benefits of this market is it is an emerging market that is very receptive to new technology. We’ve noticed a real demand for new video technologies and there’s a real appreciation for international brands. We came the first year to meet distributors to launch into Russia. The second year we want better penetration into the market and have introduced more of our product range, — Ahmed Hemissi, Assistant Manager, Amaryllo.

Panasonic — Global

Securika is the main security exhibition in Russia. It’s a place for new partnerships and relationships, developing relationships and presenting of our new equipment. It’s also good for our image. The show has been successful, we have met many people, many visitors from different regions of Russia, different regions of CIS, it’s a very good opportunity for developing our business, — Oleg Ulyanov, Development Manager, Panasonic.

Honeywell — USA

We’ve had a great show, we’ve met lots of new customers and new prospects, the exhibition has been very crowded! The situation in Russia is changing, there is more need and more demand from Russian businesses now for alarms. We are optimistic, we definitely expect growth from the market over the next 3 years, — Daria Zvyagiha, Marketing Communications, Honeywell.

Ajax — US

We are back after a successful first year where we signed main distributors and have now opened our own company and warehouse in Russia — all within the space of a year due to contacts we met at Securika! We had much more leads than we expected this year and good insight into how to adapt our products further for the Russian market, — Valentine Hrytsenko, Chief Marketing Officer, Ajax.

Videotec Spa — Italy

Securika is the most important exhibition for Russia and the CIS. It’s an essential brand marketing exercise but we’re also looking to meet new integrators and existing partners. 2018 has been successful for us, — Alessandro Franchini, Marketing & Communications Manager, Videotec S.p.A..

DoorBird — Germany

It’s our first time that we are at an exhibition in Russia. Lots of good installers are coming by who are already familiar with IP technology and are really keen to work together. It’s very positive. The feedback we are getting is the Russian market associates Germany with high quality products and good technology. It’s the only place to be to meet the Russian security market, — Sascha Keller, CEO, Doorbird.

Assa Abloy — Germany

This exhibition is the most important for us in the Russian security market. We exhibit for PR, brand awareness and to showcase our enw products, — Egor Karelin, Sales Manager, Assa Abloy.


Securika is a very successful show, very interesting for us as IP solutions is a growing market in Russia. It’s the biggest exhibition in CIS countries, so we must be here and will be in future, — Yaroslav Budnichenko, BAS-IP.

Axis Communications

This is the only trade show we take part in in Eastern Europe, it’s the only platform to meet new and existing customers, — Irina Källberg Rönning, Marketing, Axis Communications AB.


Securika / MIPS-2018 is the main industrial exhibition of the Russian security systems segment. Participants of this exhibition have a chance not only to establish and promote Company’s positive image in the market, and also to present new products of interest. For us, this exhibition is the first and very productive experience. For four days our team have conducted more then hundred of meetings and negotiations with the major players of the Russian security systems market. It is pleasant to realize that all those meetings and negotiations took place in warm and homely atmosphere. Our actual partners shared their suggestions resulting of practical use of QTECH equipment. Our potential partners discussed in detail situation in the regions, and representatives of the governmental customers focused on the need to follow the trends set by the last governmental decrees. It should be noted that general level of the visitors is significantly higher this year: the target audience prevail, and the purely technical questions are put before our specialists attending the stand. Majority of those questions were answered at the spot, thanks to the option for testing equipment provided at the stand. I express particular gratitude to all the visitors of our stand, either in my own name or in the name of QTECH Company, in particular, for sharing their experiences and discussing the regional market conditions in a well-argued manner, and also for spending their time for negotiations, of coarse, — Aleksey Gabbazov, Head of CCTV discipline of QTECH.


Comparing to the previous years, this year the exhibition reached the executive level, considering organization and layout of the stands. We extended our exhibition area by 20%, thus exposition coverage was extended considerably as well. We are going to enhance performance of participation in Securika Moscow exhibition even more, as we see positive development of the exhibition and active involvement of the exhibitors and the visitors. Organizers keep developing the business agenda as well, automating organizational processes and deploying up-to-date marketing instruments, for instance, tools for visitors counting, — Nadezhda Kitova, Head of Marketing Department of Louis+.

ITV | AxxonSoft

Securika is the major annual event in our Russian market. This exhibition causes public outcry. Professionals from all over Russia come here to see the up-to-date inventions and developments. As flagship of our segment, we consider Securika as the key large-scale event. I am very proud for the organisers and feel grateful for their making this exhibition even more interesting and intense every year, — Andrey Khristoforov, Financial Director of ITV | AxxonSoft.


As usual, Securika Exhibition features the excellent organization and huge stream of interested visitors. This year we have enlarged pool of our partners and become the distributor of Grundig Security. The best examples of equipment of this company were presented at our stand. IPDROM keeps expanding and straightening its position in the market, year by year. Results of this expansion are visible either in course of our routine operations or at official events and functions, as our stand attracts more and more visitors, and our partners confide in us and offer new options for cooperation. We are satisfied with results of the last year and plan to present even more interesting options at Securika Moscow the next year, — Askerbie Ivanov, CEO of IPDROM.

Firma Ogneborets LLC

This exhibition improves every year, in terms of the target audience. Specialists we are interested, i.e. designers and installation personnel, visit the exhibition. For us, this is the major exhibition, so we can skip all others, — Aleksandr Arkhipov, Manager of Firma Ogneborets LLC.

PozhTekhnika Group

This is a flagship exhibition of the market. That’s why we used to participate in it. All Russian manufacturers are presented here. Maximal number of visitors come to this exhibition from different regions. We have a chance to present our achievements not only before the visitors, but also before the exhibitors, our colleagues and competitors. The exhibition takes three halls, where massive amount of equipment is presented. People can find out and select not only automatics, but also fire-fighting systems. At this, they have the list of vendors. They pass through and check-in, so we can see who’s present, who’s not present. Thus, it is very important for us to present here, — Oksana Kotova, Director of Business Development of PozhTekhnika Group.


This exhibition gives a highly positive impression. This is the right venue where one can surely meet our potential customers. In 2018, our company participates in this exhibition for the second time. We would like to note that comparing to the previous year, the visitors of the exhibition are much more numerous. Business agenda is of great interest, our engineers visited many events of interest. Certainly, we highly value opinions of the market trend setters, — Natalia Chudinovskikh, Marketing Manager of COMINFO.

HID Global

HID Global has been participating in this exhibition for 15 years, and is going to continue this tradition. In our sense, Securika Moscow is the major exhibition in Russia. The organizers always succeed in keeping the event attractive. Share of the customers proficient in equipment-related issues, constantly increases. In general, this exhibition is promising and challenging. The exhibition is a place where really interested professionals and key market players coming from all over Russia and from abroad are concentrated, — Sergey Gordeev, Regional Sales Manager for Russia and CIS, HID Global.