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Based on the results of 2022, the cyber security market of the Russian Federation is estimated at RUB 193.3 billion, the increase in the total cyber security market (products and services) compared to 2021 was slightly under 4%. Against the backdrop of geopolitical events in 2022 and the introduction of sanctions, almost all significant foreign vendors have left the Russian market.

According to the Ministry of Digital Development, as of the end of June 2023, the Russian market for information security products is dominated by indigenous solutions, which share is 90%. The remaining 10% of non-substituted domestically cyber security products include security tools in cloud services, as well as high-load intelligent firewalls, which in Russia do not yet have such powerful characteristics in comparison with the Western ones.

And it's not just about the characteristics of the equipment. So, why is there still a demand for information security products from foreign vendors?

  • New domestic solutions often lack functionality at first. To replace the functionality of one foreign solution, several domestic ones are used.

  • Unreadiness of some Russian developments for industrial loads. This is due to the fact that Russian vendors previously neither had access to the infrastructure of large customers, nor set out to adapt their solutions to high loads.

  • There are areas in which Russia lags behind. In particular, the narrow niche of next-generation firewalls (NGFW). Major customers traditionally spend a lot of money on such solutions, as this is an important element of the IT infrastructure.

  • Limitations associated with the availability of hardware platforms (processors and other system elements) and the predictability of their delivery times. If for Western companies the delivery time for microelectronic components is limited to roughly two months, then for Russian companies it is up to six months or more.

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Based on many positive trends, the situation looks optimistic. More and more Russian enterprises are thinking about decent information security, and this is a great chance for foreign developers to present their solutions to the target audience of specialists and occupy the vacated market segments.

Participation in Securika Moscow is an excellent opportunity to get to know the Russian market of security and fire safety equipment and technologies and find new clients and partners among consumers of information security products – both exhibitors and visitors to the exhibition.

Every year, the exhibition is visited by heads of the largest Russian and foreign companies, business owners, security directors, and representatives of end customers from various industries. 4 620 visitors are interested in information security products and services (based on the results of 2023).

In addition to almost 20 000 thousand professionals, you will be able to negotiate with 4 242 end customers from various industries. An important fact: 34% of them estimate the annual volume of procurement in their companies at 20 million rubles or more.

Among the exhibitors are manufacturers and suppliers of video surveillance, access control systems, security alarm and notification systems, fire extinguishing equipment and perimeter security systems, who are also consumers of information security products and services and can become your clients and partners.

Present your products in one of the thematic blocks of the new section "Information Security"! Securika Moscow 2024 will be held on 16 to 18 April at Crocus Expo IEC in Moscow.

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