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From 11 to 14 April 2023, the Crocus Expo Exhibition Centre hosted the 28th International Exposition of Security and Fire Safety Equipment and Technologies Securika Moscow 2023

In 2023, Russian business, security systems market included, continues its struggle against challenges resulting from the decisions taken on the international stage. Russian consumers search for alternative solutions and technologies capable of replacing the brands who have exited the Russian market. The Securika Moscow Expo participants successfully demonstrated the results of the efforts made in this area in the past year by presenting new and already implemented projects, and updated product lines, shared their practical experience with the industry specialists in the course of the business program, but most importantly, projected an aura of confidence and the sense of stability onto their customers and partners.

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«For us, the year of 2022 became a year of opportunity. And we are expecting further growth. We have built our second plant, and we are ready to expand our share of the market», says Natalya Khazova, CEO of GK Pozhtekhnika.

«Our main message at this Expo is that full-scale production has completely recovered. Our products are available at our own warehouses and those of our partners. Fire safety that we have been engaged in for more than 30 years can be fully implemented using our equipment», says Mikhail Levchuk, Executive Director for ARGUS-SPEKTR Company.

«Our company offers solutions capable of substituting virtually all imported products in the sector of facility security and essential services on any scale», states Dmitry Krivov, Deputy CEO and Chief Design Engineer at Algont Company.

«Despite some changes compared to the last year, the Expo is still strong at its core. Of all the participants, 50–60 % are represented by rather major Russian manufacturers. I think Russia can be really proud of this team of specialists», says Mikhail Kochetkov, CEO of OSK Group Holding.

222 companies from 7 different countries presented their solutions at Securika Moscow in 2023. The Expo was attended by 19,555 (16,988 in 2022) security specialists from 79 regions of Russia and 27 countries of the world. The Expo was visited by specialists from all countries of the Eurasian Economic Union — Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. For many participants this has been an important advantage, enabling them to quickly meet and negotiate with customers, dealers and partners from across Russia.

The participants noted the large number of relevant visitors, with many potential customers to be found among them. In 2023, 10,242 specialists visited the Expo for the first time (52% of the total number of visitors). The share of key visitors was 83% (82% in 2022), with 37% of guests visiting the exhibition in search for products and services for their business purposes. The share of visitors with purchase budget of 20 to 50+ million has grown, amounting to 36% (34% in 2022). The visit rate was 81 guests per participant (77 in 2022, 58 in 2021). The line-up of the 2024 Expo is being actively formed. 164 companies confirmed their participation in the Expo in 2024.

Business Program

In 2023, the Securika Moscow business program events were taking part for 3 days, with 90+ speakers delivering their presentations at 15 events. The experts discussed the state of the security systems market in Russia, their expectations for 2023, the issues of retail and industrial facilities’ security, biometrics, video analytics, artificial intelligence and many other topics. The issues of information security and labour protection were discussed at Securika Moscow for the first time.

The business program of 11 April opened with a panel discussion, where the experts discussed the security market in Russia, transport security, fire safety, certification, artificial intelligence and many other issues.

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At the Made in Russia — Redesign and Transition to Russian Solutions in 2023 conference, the participants presented cases involving substitution of imported equipment with domestic in access control, fire safety and video surveillance systems, and shared their redesign experience. Hi-Tech Security, the session partners, spoke about the Russian video surveillance control system VOSKHOD used in design of integrated security systems.

The business program of 11 April ended with a session dedicated to integrated security system solutions, at which the participants discussed integrated solutions from the perspective of an integrator involved in design and implementation of security systems at transport infrastructure facilities, update of methodology guidelines on security at essential facilities with the use of integrated security systems, and PSIM systems.

PROproject, the annual forum for security system designers, also took place, and the industry experts discussed the state of the market, the most advanced and successful cases, potential solutions to current challenges, and shared their experience. The PROproject Forum was organized by the RUBEZH company.

The Security Directors Forum took place on April 12. It featured a discussion of retail security directors, and a session on industrial facilities security. The Forum closed with the Information Security for Physical Security Directors session.

A session dedicated to the new Securica Moscow involvement area, labour protection and industrial safety, was one of the key events of the business program.

At the Access Control Systems Trends — OSDP as a Multipurpose Communication Tool in Access Control Systems session, the experts discussed trends, advantages and features of OSDP, and the integrated approach to design of OSDP-based access control systems.

The project-oriented lecture on video surveillance discussed the algorithms used in video surveillance system design.

On April 13, the program started with the New Rules of the Game — The Future of Facial Biometrics in Russia session. The experts discussed the impact of the legislation on the market, the new requirements and the ways to comply with them, and the main prospects and threats to biometrics development.

The Skolkovo Innovation Centre residents and graduates of accelerated programs from the Skolkovo Tech Explorer tech company development project took part in the Startup Battle. The participants presented their developments in the area of video analytics and artificial intelligence.

The final session was dedicated to the Smart House systems and their development in Russia. The speakers discussed the issue of domestic manufacturers’ preparedness for development of high-quality solutions that would satisfy the customers.

The visitors to the Design and Engineering Lecture were presented with the review of clarifications (by VNIIPO) of the most problematic regulations, and the discussion on the drafts of regulations, the specifics of regulations in the area of fire safety systems design, and other issues relevant for safety/security system designers.

The Best Innovative Product Contest

As is the tradition, Securika Moscow hosted the award ceremony for the 27th Best Innovative Product contest.

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The participants presented their innovations to visitors at a pitch session on April 12. The judges handed out 9 awards in 4 categories.

The winners of the 2023 contest are:

Access Control Systems category

  • Company: OOO AT Bureau (ESMART® brand). Product: ESMART® Configurator 2.0.
  • Company: OOO Itrium SPb. Product: BOREY — ACS and Equipment Multifunctional Controller Family.
  • A special award in this category went to GK Siltech company for presentation of the Sealfort Sealing Device product.

Integrated Security Systems category

  • Company: OOO Itrium SPb. Product: NEUROSS Integrated Security Digital Platform.
  • A special award in this category went to OOO Spetsialnye Tekhnologii Kontrolya company for presentation of the Special Cash Delivery Container product.

Fire Extinguishing Equipment and Systems category

  • Company: GK Pozhtekhnika. Product: CAADS Automated Design System.
  • Company: OOO OSK Group Holding. Product: INTRA-FOG Finely-Pulverized Fire Suppression.

Fire Alarm and Warning Systems category

  • ZAO NVP Bolid — for the S2000-PKR Valve Reverse Drive product.
  • Special award in this category went to the Tyumenskie Aerozoli plant for the Aerosol Tester for TDIP Smoke Detectors product.
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  • Official Partner: RUBEZH.
  • Partner in Fire Protection: OSK Group Holding.
  • Strategic Media Partner, Press-Centre Official Partner: RUBEZH.
  • Made in Russia Conference Partner: Hi-Tech Security.

The 29th International Exposition of Security and Fire Safety Equipment and Technologies Securika Moscow will be held on April 16–18, 2024 in Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilion 3.

The exposition of the next exhibition is actively being formed.