Checklist for exhibitors: how to prepare for the exhibition

Every month the dates of the 29th International Exhibition Securika Moscow are approaching. Despite the already active preparation of exhibitors, the exhibition team has prepared some important tips that will help to make the participation of all companies as effective as possible.

Securika Moscow exhibition is visited by more than 19,000 industry professionals representing various segments of the security systems market. But in order to attract the maximum number of visitors to your stand, you should consider many points.

We have prepared a checklist for you, which will help you assess how ready your company is to participate in the exhibition.

Securika Moscow
Securika Moscow 2024


Participation with a stand is the essential option. It is the quality of your stand that determines how many visitors will pay attention to your products and how many contacts you can attract.

To be sure that your stand meets all performance criteria, make sure that:

  1. You have signed an agreement with the organizer, selected and confirmed the place, area and configuration of your stand;
  2. You have defined the objectives for participation, you understand who your target audience is and what range of products you want to present at the exhibition;
  3. You have ordered a standard stand construction from the organizer or has selected a contractor for the design and engineering of the stand. A third-party developer must go through the accreditation procedure in Crocus Expo;
  4. You have ordered the necessary additional furniture and equipment;
  5. You have ordered all the technical services you need (electricity, water, Wi-Fi etc.);
  6. You have ordered additional cleaning and stand security services (if needed);
  7. You have planned and confirmed with the organizer the schedule of activities at the booth (promotional activities, presentations, etc.);
  8. You have completed applications for the of equipment and exponents, ordered delivery and logistics services.

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The results of participation in the exhibition directly depends on the quality of training of the personnel who will work at the stand.

To make sure your team is ready for the show, check that:

  1. You have defined a list of personnel who will work at the exhibition;
  2. You have ordered additional staff to work at the exhibition (if needed);
  3. You have drawn up a schedule for the work of the staff at the exhibition, determined and distributed the functionality and areas of responsibility;
  4. You have booked hotels and tickets for all employees working at the exhibition (if your company is not in Moscow);
  5. You have ordered additional training to prepare your staff for work at the stand (if needed);
  6. You have ordered additional badges for the staff (the base number of badges is calculated according to the formula «one badge for every 3 sq m of exhibition space»);
  7. You have ordered promotional badges for the work of promotional personnel at the exhibition;
  8. You have made up a schedule of meetings with clients and partners at the exhibition;
  9. You have organized meetings with the team before the exhibition and on the days of the exhibition;
  10. You have defined a way to collect and record contacts at the exhibition;
  11. You have ordered LeadFrog service for working with visitors and collecting leads at the exhibition (optional).

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It is necessary to start promoting and announcing the participation of your company at the exhibition in advance.

To make sure you're making the most of your promotional opportunities, check that:

  1. You have ordered additional advertising for the exhibition (optional);
  2. You have considered sponsorship opportunities at the exhibition (optional);
  3. You have considered the possibility of integrating your products into special exhibition projects (optional);
  4. You have sent news to the organizer to announce your company's participation in the exhibition. You can use this option for free;
  5. You have applied for free inclusion of information about your products in the monthly news digest of the exhibition through your manager;
  6. You have announced the participation of your company in the exhibition through all your communication channels (website, newsletters, social networks, etc.);
  7. You have invited your clients and partners to your stand at the exhibition;
  8. You have a personal promo code for registering visitors to the exhibition. You can get a promo code for your company from the coordinator or marketer of the exhibition;
  9. You have distributed your company's individual promo code through your communication channels;
  10. You have prepared souvenirs and promotional products for visitors;
  11. You have ordered video and photo shooting at the exhibition (optional);
  12. You have prepared a plan of information activities for the days of the exhibition (participation in interviews, publications in the media and on the website, publications in the company's social networks).

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We hope that this list will help you organize your preparations for the exhibition and work as efficiently as possible onsite.

If you have any questions, please contact the exhibition managers: Securika Moscow team contacts >>>

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